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Classic Cross-Over

Late Nite News

Late Nite News

2 Of My Favorite Showmen Briefly Shared A Stage Last Night

David Letterman  & Steven Colbert

the joke being that they shared a bathroom key now

but it also helped draw attention to donating to the red cross which is busy helping those who have recently had to deal with sever flooding in the USA

it’ll be a sad day for me when either of these two go off the air, Colbert being a favorite source of current events with a witty take, & Letterman for the candid class he just seems to have when giving interviews, sure Leno might be more hip to the web generation I’m a part of, but I just haven’t seen that same air of showmanship in him…

TV Tower

blog post: 8.April.2009

(also Fernsehturm) in Berlin, Germany

built in the late 1960s

a photo of it as it was decorated during the summer of 2006 around the time when Germany was host to the World Cup,

a friend & I went up inside it and viewed some beautiful sights out over the surrounding city during that time


a website I joined a few months ago, based on the exchange of questions and answers about practically anything, the question can be posed in a variety of ways: yes or no, rate this, poll the crowd, how many, have you ever,  which is better, would you rather, or free poll, the more a member participates the more points she/he earns, the website has a really nice, sleek design, though is a little slow to load/acts a little funky at times, it’s free to join, questions are categorized by “scene”: Re: Create (arts & entertainment), The Counter Culture Café (culture), Schooled (education), Eco-Mania (environment), Perks (family), Thrive (health & fitness), Yes And Know (life), Cashet (money), Daily Dispatch (news), The Supposium (opinion), Canvass (politics), Sublime (relationships), Nexus (science & technology), The Bazaar (shopping), Scoreboard (sports), Turnstyle (style), Broadcast You (television), Travelcade (travel), & Wis.dm Town Hall (wis.dm itself), the website was developed in of Massachusetts, U.S.A., but is registered on the web under the country of Dominica for the sake of the url address: http://wis.dm

Instant Replay

45 years ago today, CBS used instant replay for the first time during a televised football game


a 1976 movie, a movie which I watched a little while ago, fictionally based on the UBS television network at the time, to be considered a classic, in my opinion, & not just for “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore” – Howard Beale (character played by Peter Finch)

other main characters: Diana Christensen (played by Faye Dunaway) & Max Schumacher (played by William Holden)

satirical enough not be taken as seriously morbid or disturbing (or perhaps contrariwise, as exactly that), it still makes one think, about TV & how money makes the world go ’round, & does slightly put us on our guard, &/or make us wonder what can be done for the better, the frequent rapid dialogue and fervor of the characters in the film make it run along quite entertainingly

after all is said & done, if the movie does in fact strike sever angst in some of us, it is notable that it is from the middle of the 1970s, & the attitudes & concerns expressed then are similar to ones now, over three decades later, so I wouldn’t be predicting a dooms day of sorts (the dawning of the programming era, & the end of humanism) just yet, however there is plenty of room for improvement on TV.