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My Coke Rewards


the webiste where to register all those codes that come with Coca-Cola product purchases (Coca-Cola, Sprite, PowerAde, Fanta, Barq’s (Root Beer), Fresca, Vault, Minute Maid, etc.), the points can be redeemed for several rewards, prizes, as well as sweepstakes,  
I joined about 10 months ago as a member to register codes, cuz’ Coca-Cola is my soda pop of choice, each bottle cap code earns a person 3 points, and with 580 points I earned myself this little lunch bag at the end of last year

Ode 2 Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is the best pop I know
nothin’ else for me, none,
no, a day without it, I can’t go on
other pop can’t compare to this one.

It helps me to sleep,
It helps me to wake,
though I can’t
drink it with cake.

Its my life force
it flows through my veins
without it I’m nothing
I go insane.

From the green bottle or can
to the liquid it holds
from the bubbles it makes
to the sweet sizzling sounds.

I savor every bit
don’t waste a drop
so I keep drinking
and can’t stop.

– Cody Learned written while in Grade 10 at Lincoln Northeast High School in Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S.A.

published in “A Celebration Of Young Poets: Midwest – Spring 2004”

Mountain Dew: 3 Dew Drinker Designed Flavors

blog post: 8.August.2008

Mountain Dew has been selling 3 “Dew Drinker Designed” flavors: Revolution, Super Nova, & Voltage, which all have added ginseng, & I’ve been drinking all three of them lately, they all seem fairly good, if you’re into soda pop with a shot of BVO in the first place, & apparently a person can go online & vote for what flavor he or she likes the best, but I doubt I’ll be taking part in that election, I’m just getting a kick out of mixing things up a bit.

Pop vs. Soda

a contest/election of sorts going on at Kum & Go stations here in the U.S.A., in some states (Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, & Arkansas)


I usually call it pop, but soda is alright too, I suppose
I was on a trans-Atlantic flight once, & asked what I would like to drink, & when I responded “pop” the server/steward said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t know what that is” *shrugs*

Green Label Art

blog post: 30.March.2008

so, I bought a bottle of Moutain Dew the other day… cuz’ I like Mountain Dew, & the bottle was cool