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La Roux

a really cool band I’ve been listening to lately, based in the UK, I first noticed them when I saw the singer, Elly Jackson, on the front page of The Guardian a couple summers ago in association with an article about a music festival going on at the time, & as it turns out the other main member, Ben Langmaid, is musically linked to Rollo Armstrong of Faithless, who I also love, I finally got around to buying their self-titled album, La Roux, this spring, & since then I’ve been happy to learn they won a Grammy earlier at this year’s awards ceremony for Best Electronic/Dance Album

you can check them out here: LaRoux.co.uk


yourmusic.com has absorbed BMG Music Service & personally, I found that shifting my account over really didn’t take much, yourmusic seems convenient, & easy to use so far, most CDs on their website sell for $6.99, and standard shipping is free (faster service still has a price though) I’ve been quite satisfied with it so far & just today picked out & placed an order for a free CD I’d scored

Pete Burns

Peter “Pete” Burns, of the music band Dead Or Alive, was born 50 years ago today, in Port Sunlight, Wirral, England, (United Kingdom)

“You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record, baby, right round round round..” – You Spin Me Around (Like A Record)

Warehouse 21

located on Paseo de Peralta in Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A., this is a place of “a community of young artists, mentors, and volunteers”, it’s a really cool joint, I’ve been to some silk-screening classes & a concert there in the past, & it continues to be a spot I take an interest in, & would like to spend more time at, W21 features a variety of creative activities including open mic poetry nights, and media arts classes, https://sites.google.com/a/warehouse21.org/home/


a new band amongst my favorites: http://www.flobots.com/ discovered them this summer, around Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., by now I’ve bought their album, Fight With Tools, when I think of the Amerika I believe in & love, their music has now joined in that


a cool people networking website I’ve had an account at for a few months now, sorta design & music oriented, the page layout are really basic, but can be redone with the aid of a little html & css, I’m using my account there to touch base with any fellow virb users who might know me, or to get to know some new people too, if we share common interests or whatever, one of the groups I’ve joined is one for (Adobe) Illustrator & Photoshop, & I’m using the the 150 pix quota on the virb account I have to post photo experiments with those applications, particularly Adobe Photoshop, & one main thing about peoples’ virb pages is that there’s a lot of inter-linking thanks to frequently featuring the use of tags within the network, the music I listen to, the books I read, the movies I watch all become tags that’ll reveal others with the same interests, once clicked, & the usage of tags also extends to photos, one’s personal blog on the site, etc.


Julian Casablancas

has his 30th birthday today

he is the lead singer & songwriter of the music band, The Strokes, whose albums
Is This It & Room On Fire I have & really like to spin in my stereo & such

this life is on my side”  – Trying Your Luck

one by one, ticking time bomb won, it’s not the secrets of the government that’s keepin’ you dumb, no it’s the other way around…” – The End Has No End

Daniel “Big Danne” Adams-Ray

has his 25th birthday today, så vitt jag vet, one of the Swedish, Svenska, rap duo Snook, which I have the album Är of, & like to listen to

Oskar “Kihlen” Linnros

has his 25th birthday today, så vitt jag vet, one of the Swedish, Svenska, rap duo Snook, which I have the album Är of, & like to listen to

blog roll addition

today I’m adding Entertainment Government to my blog roll, featuring an alternative constitution for the U.S.A., it’s the website of a former room-mate, who’s been harshin’ my buzz at times, but is a cool guy, the webpage also has links to related endeavors of his, as well as other interests, such as his varied taste in music

edit: the website is down/ has expired

BMG Music Service


a music club, in the U.S.A., selling mostly CDs, they usually start new members off with a 12-CDs-For-The-Price-Of-1 deal (plus shipping & handling), which is one of their best offers, & it’s legit, just make sure you decline any & all featured selections that you don’t want in time, which is easier now cuz’ you can just log in on their website to your own account, say no thanks with the click of a mouse, & save your postage stamp for the paper reply card, I’ve been a member for almost 7 years now, cuz’ I’m sorta old-school like that, I prefer having actual album CDs, & it’s saved me a lot of money to get them with discounts through this BMG music club

edit: BMG Music Service has been absorbed by yourmusic.com, refer here

Shut Up & Sing

a semi-worthy watch

a 2006 documentary film about the music group, Dixie Chicks, & some of what they went through from late March 2003, when the lead singer, Natalie Maines, told the audience at a concert in Europe that she was ashamed the President of the U.S.A. is from Texas, on until mid-2006

I don’t really have anything against the Dixie Chicks. I have a couple of their albums from before these last few years, & I intend to buy their latest album, Taking The Long Way, sometime. I don’t really listen to a lot of “country” music. I don’t know if the Dixie Chicks are really considered, or really consider themselves, “country” music (at least, any more) but to me, that’s what country (U.S.A.) music is, & their song, Not Ready To Make Nice, is brilliant, intense, & right on.

Lisa Lopes

R.I.P. “Left Eye” – passed away 5 years ago – a member of TLC, but held her own

“check it: another day, another dolla, is the reality of my mentality, otherwise don’t even botha, you see my father was a wise old man, always creatin’ a plan, for me to conquer this land, he said I am what I am, so be the best that I can, and if them others don’t like it, then why should I give a damn (huh), maybe so cuz’ when his life wasn’t right, my mother picked up the pieces, & continued on with the fight, so now it’s plain to me, it ain’t no game to me, see mom and dad corrected math, 1 and 1 equal 3, 4 and 5 I count my sister and brother, stay alive till we die, & don’t you ever be worried, cuz’ I’m down with a ride, through peaks and valleys to Cresent Hills, tumble down I’ll set a new ground for Jack & Jill, ever wonder what put the thunder deeply in my eyes, take a look & you’ll find a sunshine”

 – from TLC’s My Life one of the tracks on their album Fan Mail