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Classic Cross-Over

Late Nite News

Late Nite News

2 Of My Favorite Showmen Briefly Shared A Stage Last Night

David Letterman  & Steven Colbert

the joke being that they shared a bathroom key now

but it also helped draw attention to donating to the red cross which is busy helping those who have recently had to deal with sever flooding in the USA

it’ll be a sad day for me when either of these two go off the air, Colbert being a favorite source of current events with a witty take, & Letterman for the candid class he just seems to have when giving interviews, sure Leno might be more hip to the web generation I’m a part of, but I just haven’t seen that same air of showmanship in him…

Blender Keyboard Shortcuts 1

CTRL + O = Open Recent

CTRL + W = Save

CTRL + Q = Quit Blender

CTRL + U = Save Current Blender Workspace As Startup Default

CTRL + Z = UnDo

CTRL + Shift + Z = ReDo

CTRL + P = Make Parent

CTRL + L = Select Linked Vertices

CTRL + N = ReCalculates Normals

CTRL + X = Delete (Start New)

Final Cut Pro Keyboard Shortcuts 1

Home Key = moves playhead to beginning of sequence

End Key = moves playhead to end of sequence

Command + B = creates a new bin in the browser

Down Arrow Key = in the Viewer: moves playhead forward to end of clip (or next edit point), & in the Timeline: to the first frame of next edit

Up Arrow Key = in the Viewer: moves playhead backward to head of clip or previous edit point, & in the Timeline: to previous first frame

Left Arrow Key = moves playhead one frame to the left

Right Arrow Key = moves playhead one frame to the right

L Key = plays clip/sequence forward

K Key = stops playing clip/sequence

J Key = plays clip/sequence backward

(hold down) K + L = plays forward in slow motion

(hold down) K + J = plays backward in slow motion

K + L = moves playhead one frame to the right

K + J = moves playhead one frame to the left

Shift + SpaceBar = plays a clip/sequence backward

Microsoft Word: Formatting

for characters & paragraphs

all capital letters: CTRL + SHIFT + A

bold: CTRL + B

case of letters: SHIFT + F3

decrease font size: CTRL + SHIFT + <

decrease font size: CTRL + [

double-underline: CTRL + SHIFT + D

increase font size: CTRL + SHIFT + >

increase font size 1 point: CTRL + ]

intalic: CTRL + I (as in the first letter of italic)

remove character from formatting (plain text): CTRL + SPACEBAR

small uppercase letters: CTRL + SHIFT + K

subscript: CTRL + =

superscript: CTRL + SHIFT + PLUS SIGN (+)

underline: CTRL + U

underline words, not spaces: CTRL + SHIFT + W

1.5 line spacing: CTRL + 5

add/remove one line above: CTRL + 0 (zero)

center paragraph: CTRL + E

decrease paragraph indent: CTRL + SHIFT + M

double-space lines: CTRL + 2

hanging indent: CTRL + T

increase paragraph indent: CTRL + M

justify paragraph: CTRL + J

left-align paragraph: CTRL + L

remove hanging indent: CTRL + SHIFT + T

remove paragraph formatting: CTRL + Q

right-align paragraph: CTRL + R

single-space lines: CTRL + 1

Microsoft Word: Scrolling (With Mouse & Keyboard)

some computer/word processing scrolling basics (in Microsoft Word)

up: drag the scroll box upwards

down: drag the scroll box downwards

up one screen: click above the scroll box on the vertical scroll bar

down one screen: click below the scroll box on the vertical scroll bar

up one line: click the scroll arrow at the top of the vertical scroll bar

down one line: click the scroll arrow at the bottom of the vertical scroll bar

left one character: left arrow

right one character: right arrow

left one word: CTRL + left arrow

right one word: CTRL + right arrow

up one line: up arrow

down one line: down arrow

to end of a line: END

to beginning of a line: HOME

up one paragraph: CTRL + up arrow

down one paragraph: CTRL + down arrow

up one screen: PAGE UP

down one screen: PAGE DOWN

to top of document window: ALT + CTRL + PAGE UP

to bottom of document window: ALT + CTRL + PAGE DOWN

to beginning of a document: CTRL + HOME

to end of a document: CTRL + END