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I was never that keen on GoDaddy, & I can know say I’ve heard plenty of poor reviews, so I feel alright about never giving them my full attention, however I have heard good things about HostMonster & they definitely advertise a nice price..

Ready to start coding? Bare Bones & EditPlus are a couple of neat text editor programs.



a cool people networking website I’ve had an account at for a few months now, sorta design & music oriented, the page layout are really basic, but can be redone with the aid of a little html & css, I’m using my account there to touch base with any fellow virb users who might know me, or to get to know some new people too, if we share common interests or whatever, one of the groups I’ve joined is one for (Adobe) Illustrator & Photoshop, & I’m using the the 150 pix quota on the virb account I have to post photo experiments with those applications, particularly Adobe Photoshop, & one main thing about peoples’ virb pages is that there’s a lot of inter-linking thanks to frequently featuring the use of tags within the network, the music I listen to, the books I read, the movies I watch all become tags that’ll reveal others with the same interests, once clicked, & the usage of tags also extends to photos, one’s personal blog on the site, etc.



an image hosting website: http://photobucket.com 
where I’ve had an account for almost a year, & it works well, in my case, cuz’ it offers free hosting up to 1GB of storage (& then more, if you pay), it gives you a link for e-mail, a direct link (such as for including it in an online post), as well as the HTML code & IMG code for the picture, it also lets me sort my pictures into albums, and set those albums to private, so it has conveniently served all those basic purposes and preferences for me, though it also has several other features that others may be into as well, & for those reasons combined, I’d figured I mention it here, for those that might be interested