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Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall


Berlin Wall

blog post: 25.November.2009

this month has been a time of celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall, a “peaceful revolution”, & “These events triggered drastic changes around the world, marking the end of the Cold War and of the division of Europe.”, more info here

TV Tower

blog post: 8.April.2009

(also Fernsehturm) in Berlin, Germany

built in the late 1960s

a photo of it as it was decorated during the summer of 2006 around the time when Germany was host to the World Cup,

a friend & I went up inside it and viewed some beautiful sights out over the surrounding city during that time

The U.S.A. In War

(as of the present time) altogether, Congress (of the U.S.A.) has declared war eleven times: 

  1. against Great Britain in 1812 (the War Of 1812)
  2. against Mexico in 1848 (the Mexican War)
  3. against Spain in 1898 (the Spanish-American War)
  4. against Germany in 1917 (World War 1)
  5. against Austria-Hungary in 1917 (World War 1)
  6. against Japan in 1941 (World War 2)
  7. against Germany in 1941 (World War 2)
  8. against Italy in 1941 (World War 2)
  9. against Bulgaria in 1942 (World War 2)
  10. against Hungary in 1942 (World War 2
  11. against Romania in 1942 (World War 2)

Germany Mailbox

a mailbox in Berlin, Germany

Walter A.G. Gropius

born 125 years ago today, founder of the Bauhaus in Germany