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freeware fractal flame editor, it’s a cool  fractal software program I’ve been tinkering with lately

you can get it here: http://www.apophysis.org/ 

it was created by Mark Townsend & expanded upon by Peter Sdobnov, Piotr Borys, & Ronald Hordijk



I have found this to be a free, easy to use, convenient, internet based family tree building software, with photo (& video) hosting, that has multiple levels of privacy (you control who sees what), & it is a great way to get & keep in touch with one’s extended family, it can also be linked with one’s facebook account, if desired, & if a person does pay a subscription fee, then one gets access to “pro account” privileges, & after having used geni for 8 months now with such satisfaction, I might just try that out sometime in the near future


religion, terrorism, myths, politics, money…


stuff to think about

Free Fax


send a fax for free via internet up to 3 pages and up to twice a day, works with .DOC & .PDF files, just have to accept that there will be an ad on the cover page

a certain someone pointed this out to me today & I found to be quite useful info