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Joel Nakamura

a really cool artist, I was first noticed his work when I volunteered at the 5th Annual Japanese Cultural Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A. this spring, he designed this year’s poster, & now he is the artist behind the poster for the annual Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, going on this weekend here in the same city, really neat stuff, to see examples of his work go to his website: http://joelnakamura.com/?q=home or do a Google Image Search with his name


True Travellers Society

a website I became a member of a few years ago: http://www.truetravellers.org/

in the words of an Administrator of the site:

“Frustrated by the “volunteer in Asia, volunteer in Africa, volunteer in South or Central America, but first pay us lots of money” opportunities? We are too.
Our organization is a network of individuals that share information about no or minimal fee meaningful travel and volunteer travel opportunities around the globe. These opportunities can include anything from volunteering at an orphanage, to a festival, to wildlife conservation to you name it.”

it’s a worthy online forum, though I haven’t often found myself active there, I get a little frustrated with the interface of the website from time to time, & to this day I have not been able to use the little blog function that is supposed to be integrated into my profile there

Hjemkomst Center

blog post: 22.July.2008
in Moorhead, Minnesota, U.S.A.

it shelters a ship, Robert Asp’s ship

& is home to the Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival in early summer, I was there three years ago, took in some food, music, etc. & still treasure a necklace & a wrap around skirt that I bought there

as far as I know, the celebrations have been held annually for over thirty years now, http://www.scandinavianhjemkomstfestival.org/