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they’ve been hosting an e-mail account for me for almost 4 years now, & it’s worked well, with the free accounts they offer (though they offer paid accounts with extra features too) a person gets 10 MB of e-mail storage, & you get to choose your own name, & they have a variety of endings/domains, for example my e-mail address hosted by them ends with “@swift-mail.com”, there’s a 45-day inactivity limit (on the free accounts) though, so if you don’t log in at least that often, you might lose your account



I’ve had a free e-mail account hosted by this website for circa 2 years now, & it’s worked well for me, I like the service,  there are said to be 250+ addresses one can choose from when a person starts an e-mail account with them (as in: [username here]@[address here].com), there is 3 GB of space on the account, (more if one pays) spam protection, address book & some other tools


advertising the state of Colorado in the U.S.A., by highlighting its many features

I entered some sort of sweepstakes of theirs a little while ago, or signed up for their eNewsletter, or both, or something else, & one way or another, got an e-mail about them giving away free t-shirts later on, & since I was going to be passing through Colorado later on last month, I figured I’d give it a shot, (whether or not it was legit, I didn’t have much to lose) & so along my 1,000+ mile roadtrip that I took off on, I stopped by their Welcome Center in Trinidad, & amongst the options picked up a blue medium sized one that says “I Dig Stegosaurus” which I had chosen via e-mail, so cool deal, though I’m giving my free t-shirt away, to a particular handsome guy I know,  cuz’ I think it really “fits” him in a few ways

Extraordinary Jobs For Ordinary People

specializing in providing info & leads on adventure travel jobs, as the website describes them, I’ve subscribed to their weekly newsletter via e-mail for some time, & I’ve noted that the editor, Kim Davis’ particular niche would seem to be sailing/yachting, life on the open sea, & perhaps the website itself may highlight the same field, however, it’s still worth checking out for other potential adventure/travel jobs as well, there are classified ads, a job board, a forum, & also a section for training, which provides links to where one may be able to get a potential start on various careers (culinary, commercial diving schools, massage therapy, aviation, trucking & freight, moutaineering, TEFL, photography, horseshoeing, yacht crew training)




an anti-tobacco campaign, particular aimed at the young people in the U.S.A., in part sponsored by the tobacco companies themselves, by court order

they do all sorts of stuff: ads, t-shirts, tv commercials & their wellknown/well-used color is orange, they’ve been around for some years now

their website seems to frequently be updated with the latest stuff in web design (in other words, it stands a good chance of crashing an old computer when trying to load it)

one of my first e-mail accounts, if not the first, was hosted by their website, & I kept it & used it as my prime e-mail address for some time, but then they terminated all the e-mail accounts they were hosting at the end of January last year
I’d been out on a roadtrip when the news was released, & didn’t get back to my e-mail until the last day of that month, so I was literally rushing to save all the stored e-mail contacts from my address book elsewhere, as well as any particular messages I may have cared about, as the clock ticked towards midnight on January 31, 2007
but at least I got to it in time, & even though they don’t host an e-mail account for me anymore, their message is still one that I support


an image hosting website: http://photobucket.com 
where I’ve had an account for almost a year, & it works well, in my case, cuz’ it offers free hosting up to 1GB of storage (& then more, if you pay), it gives you a link for e-mail, a direct link (such as for including it in an online post), as well as the HTML code & IMG code for the picture, it also lets me sort my pictures into albums, and set those albums to private, so it has conveniently served all those basic purposes and preferences for me, though it also has several other features that others may be into as well, & for those reasons combined, I’d figured I mention it here, for those that might be interested



A Word A Day, I’ve subscribed to the free newsletter for quite some time, but will part with it for now, in the interest of saving e-mail space & since I can check their website instead, what’s so awesome about the American/English language is its mega variety of words, it’s extensive vocabulary, with ingredients from loads of other languages