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Where’s George?

I’ve gotten a hit in Connecticut

so now, the bills that I’ve registered have gone on to 21 states: North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Illinois, Montana, Texas, Wisconsin, Arizona, Missouri, Florida, Georgia, Wyoming, New Jersey, New Mexico, Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, California, South Carolina, Colorado, & Connecticut


Elihu Palmer

was born 245 years ago today, in Connecticut, U.S.A.,
a lawyer, he was a writer & lecturer in favor of deism as well

“Another important doctrine of the Christian religion, is the atonement supposed to have been made by the death and sufferings of the pretended Saviour of the world; and this is grounded upon principles as regardless of justice as the doctrine of original sin. It exhibits a spectacle truly distressing to the feelings of the benevolent mind, it calls innocence and virtue into a scene of suffering, and reputed guilt, in order to destroy the injurious effects of real vice. It pretends to free the world from the fatal effects of a primary apostacy, by the sacrifice of an innocent being. Evil has already been introduced into the world, and in order to remove it, a fresh accumulation of crimes becomes necessary. In plain terms, to destroy one evil, another must be committed.”

“Deism declares, that the practice of a pure, natural, and uncorrupted virtue, is the essential duty, and constitutes the highest dignity of man; that the powers of man are competent to all the great purposes of human existence; that science, virtue, and happiness are the great objects which ought to awake the mental energies, and draw forth the moral affections of the human race.”

Noah Webster

born 250 years ago today, in West Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A., he compiled the American Dictionary of the English Language 180 years ago this year, in 1828