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Cinco de Mayo

I love living in New Mexico (most days), & the mixed cultural heritage of Santa Fe, we all have our own personal histories that blend with the national & global histories going on around us, & I have a deep respect for that. 5 cool tatts to share on this day:

1) http://www.tattoodesignsideas.in/mexican-tattoos/-mexican-tattoo_845

2) http://www.tattoostime.com/tattoos/mexican/page/4/

3) http://weheartit.com/entry/55692452/via/skullspiration

4) http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff244/warvox/tumi_inca.jpg

5) http://www.theredparlour.com/img/ladyofgaudelope5_2_2_.jpg



“The Ankh is a variation of the cross that was used by the ancient Egyptians. It is also known as the crux ansata, and it symbolizes Life to Come. The sign is formed by adding a circle, the Egyptian symbol for eternity, to the top of the T or tau, their symbol for life.

Variations of the Ankh are found in ancient cultures as diverse as those of the Aztecs and the Phoenicians. Its significance appears to have been consistently of a mystical or religious nature; for example, when the sign appears with the circle below the cross it has been known to represent the concept of Goodness.”

Symbols by Rolf Myller