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Academy Awards

the first Academy Awards ceremony was held 80 years ago today, by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, “a professional organization dedicated to advancing the art and technology of filmmaking”, the event was hosted at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel,
Wings was awarded “Outstanding Picture” & Sunrise was awarded “Unique & Artistic Picture”, 2 uncategorized awards were given to Charles Chaplin’s The Circus as well as The Jazz Singer produced by Warner Bros.

also referred to as “The Oscars” (a name the trophies were officially dubbed with 10 years later) the Academy Awards continue to be held annually in the U.S.A., for more information check out: http://oscars.com/ & http://www.oscars.org/

Ismael Jaffree

was born 65 years ago today, an agnostic, a lawyer, a father of 6 children

he was part of the Wallace v. Jaffree case which eventually reached the U.S.A. Supreme Court in 1985, and was ruled in his favor, helping keep religion out of public schools, he was awarded “Freethinker Of The Year” by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (also in 1985)