March 29th 2013:
Celebrating 6 Years of Randomness 🙂

currently under (re)construction

Welcome!! Thanks for browsing through iapetus, somewhat of an encylopedia of my interests, & occasionally my life, heh. Having had this blog for a few years now, I’m currently in the *very* gradual process of reorganizing & updating this blog, (instead of  just treating it as as a scratch pad for random notes)  so hopefully you’ll stay tuned with me for the improvement(s).

This blog is put together by an existentialist, scatterbrain, humanist, Norsk Amerikan, freethinker, caffeine junkie, film student currently living in New Mexico, who is into traveling and trivia (&/or trivial things).

I’m also into Where’s George? I’ve been a member there for 6 years & some change, you can check my basic stats here .


Some Things To Note:

If the website link included with or in a comment has been disabled or removed, if is because the person who posted it did not leave a valid e-mail address with it as well.

Any misspellings, incoherent phrases, broken links, etc. found in my blog would probably bother me as much as you when finally noticed, so if found, I welcome suggestions for corrections (though some slang, etc. is intentional as a deliberate way of expression). For those who have no other contact with me except through this blog, an e-mail address is provided below.

Jeg vil gjerne vite hvis noe har blitt skrevet feil, slags kommentarer er velkommen, hvis man har ingen kontakt med meg untatt iapetus, da kan man enda få tak i meg ved å bruke e-mail adressen som finnes lenger ned, mot bunnen av siden her.


Stat Updates: Milestones in my Blog Hits

1,000+ by June 2008 — 2,000+ by August 2008

3,000+ by September 2008 — 4,000+ by September 2008 

5,000+ by October 2008 — 6,000+ by November 2008

7,000+ by December 2008 — 8,000+ by February 2009

9,000+ by April 2009 — 10,000+ by May 2009 

11,000+ by June 2009 — 12, ooo byAugust 2009

13, ooo by January 2010 — 14, 000 by September 2010

15, 000 by March 2011 — 16, 000 by January 2012

Appreciate the views & I hope you found something interesting!

rock on, peace out  … k.k. (earth dragon)


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