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Cinco de Mayo

I love living in New Mexico (most days), & the mixed cultural heritage of Santa Fe, we all have our own personal histories that blend with the national & global histories going on around us, & I have a deep respect for that. 5 cool tatts to share on this day:








The “Old Dominion State” entered the union 220 years ago today, as the 10th state of the U.S.A.

Home of Thomas Jefferson, Booker T. Washington, Woodrow Wilson, Tom Wolfe, & Ella Fitzgerald, its capital is Richmond & its motto is “Sic Semper Tyrannis”, the same phrase said to have been exclaimed by John Wilkes Booth right after he shot President Lincoln.

“Norway-Heritage: Hands Across The Sea”

a website featuring a wealth of information about passenger lists and emigrant ships of Norwegians, a good place to research Norwegian ancestors, and find records of immigration, there is a really useful forum there, which I’ve been a member of for over a year, for discussion of your family tree, among other things, the other members can sometimes provide helpful leads in your research, and occasionally you might even run into a distant relative looking for similar information, the site also features an image gallery


the “Badger State” entered the union 160 years ago today
as the 30th state of the U.S.A.
its capital is Madison & its motto is “Forward”

Rainier Shot

50 years ago at the Nevada Test Site, U.S.A. – the “first fully contained underground nuclear test”, part of Operation Plombbob

100 Years Ago Today Blog

The First Federal Postage Stamps In The USA

were issued 160 years ago, in New York City, New York

Memorial Day Massacre

70 years ago – Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.