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Cinco de Mayo

I love living in New Mexico (most days), & the mixed cultural heritage of Santa Fe, we all have our own personal histories that blend with the national & global histories going on around us, & I have a deep respect for that. 5 cool tatts to share on this day:







Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall



Mr. Brainwash

art is a great vehicle for a message to take a ride in,
and then get to you

a couple links here to some kickass documentaries featuring some awesome artists:

Ai Wei Wei, Activist, China Critic: 

Banksy, Graffiti Art, Exit Through The Gift Shop:

La Roux

a really cool band I’ve been listening to lately, based in the UK, I first noticed them when I saw the singer, Elly Jackson, on the front page of The Guardian a couple summers ago in association with an article about a music festival going on at the time, & as it turns out the other main member, Ben Langmaid, is musically linked to Rollo Armstrong of Faithless, who I also love, I finally got around to buying their self-titled album, La Roux, this spring, & since then I’ve been happy to learn they won a Grammy earlier at this year’s awards ceremony for Best Electronic/Dance Album

you can check them out here:


blog post: 29.April.2011

one of my new favorite American chains, too yummy

Jewel Cave National Monument

located in western South Dakota, U.S.A.

Grand Canyon West

beautiful area I got to explore last year in Arizona, U.S.A.

blog post: 26.May.2010

Devil’s Stair-Steps


blog post: 8.April.2010

in southern Colorado, U.S.A.

SFCC: Spring 2010

Santa Fe Community College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.

this is where I am enrolled as a student these days  

taking MART 121-01, FILM 160-01, FILM 230-01, MART 280-01 & MART 147C-01, otherwise known as Adobe Illustrator, Film Theory & Criticism, Video Production 2, PhotoShop 2, & Intro To Reason & Live


a semi-blog-format website dedicated to public pieces of art in Minnesota’s “Twin Cities”; Minneapolis & St. Paul, here in the U.S.A., put together by Kevin D. Hendricks & Jeffrey Martin

“Too often public art is ignored or forgotten. Sometimes you can’t even find basic details like what the work is called or who created it. The goal of Start Seeing Art is to map and identify that artwork so it can be appreciated and enjoyed.”

National Day

in Sri Lanka today, it is that country’s independence day, & national holiday

( the Democratic Socialist Republic Of) Sri Lanka (officially) speaks Sinhala and Tamil, though English is common too, spends Sri Lankan Rupees, & its capital is Colombo

Joel Nakamura

a really cool artist, I was first noticed his work when I volunteered at the 5th Annual Japanese Cultural Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A. this spring, he designed this year’s poster, & now he is the artist behind the poster for the annual Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, going on this weekend here in the same city, really neat stuff, to see examples of his work go to his website: or do a Google Image Search with his name

Berlin Wall

blog post: 25.November.2009

this month has been a time of celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall, a “peaceful revolution”, & “These events triggered drastic changes around the world, marking the end of the Cold War and of the division of Europe.”, more info here

Recycle Santa Fe 2009

blog post: 8.November.2009

the 11th annual event of recycled art, at market,
here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.
held at El Museo Cultural November 13th through the 15th this year

Camel Rock

blog post: 30.October.2009

a landmark in northern New Mexico, U.S.A.

International Balloon Fiesta

held annually in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A., find more info here

I was there this year for one of the Mass Ascensions in the early morning

blog post: 28.October.2009

yourmusic has absorbed BMG Music Service & personally, I found that shifting my account over really didn’t take much, yourmusic seems convenient, & easy to use so far, most CDs on their website sell for $6.99, and standard shipping is free (faster service still has a price though) I’ve been quite satisfied with it so far & just today picked out & placed an order for a free CD I’d scored