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Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall




a semi-blog-format website dedicated to public pieces of art in Minnesota’s “Twin Cities”; Minneapolis & St. Paul, here in the U.S.A., put together by Kevin D. Hendricks & Jeffrey Martin

“Too often public art is ignored or forgotten. Sometimes you can’t even find basic details like what the work is called or who created it. The goal of Start Seeing Art is to map and identify that artwork so it can be appreciated and enjoyed.”

Couch Surfing

a worldwide traveler’s network of people taking in people, and being taken in themselves, to get more out the world, to build a better sense of community, & to save some money while traveling, a site I joined a little less than a year ago, and find to be based on really good ideas as well as a good place for such a worldwide network of travelers:

Trip Advisor

a site for all sorts of info on your world travels

I’ve been a member there for over a year

Gas Buddy

helps find low gas prices in the U.S.A. and Canada

Student Universe

student airfares

Mile By Mile

maps, photos, travel ideas of Canada, U.S.A. & Mexico

Worldwide Hitchhiking

a website for bumming & offering rides around the world

UPDATE: the link seems to be down, for now

Roadtrips (U.S.A.)

discovered this site recently: , & found an interesting collection of information there