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Healthy Weight?

I’m seriously trying to eat healthier this year, after a long series of occasional half-assed attempts & fleeting fascinations with nutrition info in the past. I recently discovered the  Dr. Oz show too, which is now one of my favorite parts of day time TV.

We’ll see how this goes… heh, no but for real, so far.. not so bad. So who knows, this might actually be real progress, or so I hope. But yeah, either way it’s worth putting in the effort, cuz’ I’ve been spending a little too much money on vending machines & eating out in recent times, & there are a couple pieces of clothing I’m not ready to let go of simply cuz’ they don’t fit so nice anymore.

Now, being the neurotic numbers nerd that I am, I’ve found this BMI Calculator at the National Heart Lung & Blood Institute’s website handy, & possibly a little more trustworthy than others. However, we still know what they say, for a more acurate depiction consult a physician, did I mention I need to save money though?

Anyway, I’ve seen friends try the South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers, or just simply go vegan, & I’ve observed mild success as well as unenviable failure. As for me, I’ve pretty much concluded that there are only two food rules that work for me, especially if this is going to be a lifestyle change, & those are: that it’s not what I eat, it’s how much I eat (cuz’ there are certain guilty pleasures I doubt I’ll ever have the discipline to quit) & that variety’s the spice of life, I love the adventure of trying some new foods, & that’s probably my best chance at rounding out the load of vitamins & minerals we’re all supposed to be getting as well, right? & Please, if there’s something delicious you know of that you’re not sure I’ve tried, feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments.


snow fall

Norsk Word Of The Day: “Snørås”, Meaning: (Snow) Avalanche

We know the rules, momentum is equal to mass multiplied by speed (p=mv), heh.  Apparently it’s a myth that shouting can trigger a “snørås” but I wouldn’t tempt fate. Freaky events avalanches are, Canada has a whole site dedicated to them, which you can find here, &  they’ve been spotted on Mars too now, by NASA.

“You’re my big distraction, my favorite attraction, I’m falling fast, like an avalanche…” – No Doubt

Gas Buddy

helps find low gas prices in the U.S.A. and Canada

Hebrew Calendar

while the world spins on through the time line of “April” & “2007”, while it’s calculated that approximately 1/3 of this year is already in the past by those standards, the year has actually, newly, started, by the Hebrew Calendar 

on that time line, our world is spinning through “Ziv” or “Iyyar” & “5767”

although there are usually twelve months by this calendar too, they don’t completely take the same place; there are less days in a year & the year starts during spring, so it goes something like this:

  • Abib or Nisan ≈ April-ish (ca. april)
  • Ziv or Iyyar ≈ May-ish (ca. mai)
  • Sivan ≈ June-ish (ca. juni)
  • Tammuz ≈ July-ish (ca. juli)
  • Ab ≈ August-ish (ca. august)
  • Elul ≈ September-ish (ca. september)
  • Ethanium or Tishri ≈ October-ish (ca. oktober)
  • Bul or Marchewan ≈ November-ish (ca. november)
  • Chislev ≈ December-ish (ca. desember)
  • Tebeth ≈ January-ish (ca. januar)
  • Shebat ≈ February-ish (ca. februar)
  • Adar ≈ March-ish (ca. mars)

here’s a site for specific days: “Hebrew Date Converter”

Where’s George? is a USA currency tracking project

I’ve been registering dollars on the site every once in a while for almost 3 years now, & so far my money has gone on to at least 13 states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Minnesota, Montana, Arizona, California, New York, Georgia, Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, & Missouri. The places I’ve intercepted marked bills from would create a different list though.