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Mr. Brainwash

art is a great vehicle for a message to take a ride in,
and then get to you

a couple links here to some kickass documentaries featuring some awesome artists:

Ai Wei Wei, Activist, China Critic: 

Banksy, Graffiti Art, Exit Through The Gift Shop:


La Roux

a really cool band I’ve been listening to lately, based in the UK, I first noticed them when I saw the singer, Elly Jackson, on the front page of The Guardian a couple summers ago in association with an article about a music festival going on at the time, & as it turns out the other main member, Ben Langmaid, is musically linked to Rollo Armstrong of Faithless, who I also love, I finally got around to buying their self-titled album, La Roux, this spring, & since then I’ve been happy to learn they won a Grammy earlier at this year’s awards ceremony for Best Electronic/Dance Album

you can check them out here:

Classic Cross-Over

Late Nite News

Late Nite News

2 Of My Favorite Showmen Briefly Shared A Stage Last Night

David Letterman  & Steven Colbert

the joke being that they shared a bathroom key now

but it also helped draw attention to donating to the red cross which is busy helping those who have recently had to deal with sever flooding in the USA

it’ll be a sad day for me when either of these two go off the air, Colbert being a favorite source of current events with a witty take, & Letterman for the candid class he just seems to have when giving interviews, sure Leno might be more hip to the web generation I’m a part of, but I just haven’t seen that same air of showmanship in him…

Olivia Wilde

actress, ACLU member, & co-executive director of Artists For Peace & Justice, noticed her while watching an episode of Real Time With Bill Maher

Ismael Jaffree

was born 65 years ago today, an agnostic, a lawyer, a father of 6 children

he was part of the Wallace v. Jaffree case which eventually reached the U.S.A. Supreme Court in 1985, and was ruled in his favor, helping keep religion out of public schools, he was awarded “Freethinker Of The Year” by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (also in 1985)

Joyce Carol Oates

was born 70 years ago today (in Lockport, New York, U.S.A.)

“Is there any mystery like who you finally turn out to be.”

“We are linked by blood, and blood is memory without language.”

“How can people still be superstitious, still believe in nonsense and astrology and grotesque demonic religions of every kind, every fundamentalist religion crowding us on all sides?”

Barbara Smoker

was born 85 years ago today in London, England

she was president of the National Secular Society (in the UK) ( from 1971-1996

“The one function that most gods seem to have in common is to give human existence some ultimate purpose — and, while it is not possible to disprove an ultimate purpose, there does not seem to be any evidence for it. That is not to say, of course, that there is no purpose in life at all: we all make our own purposes as we go through life. And life does not lose its value simply because it is not going to last forever.” — taken from “Why I Am An Atheist”, a script recorded in June 1985 (& broadcast on BBC World Service four times that year)

for more info on her:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

I have a lot of respect for this woman

George W. Bush

a quote from the 43rd President of the U.S.A. spoken in Washington D.C. 5 years ago today:

“You’re free. And freedom is beautiful. And, you know, it’ll take time to restore chaos and order – order out of chaos. But we will.”  (April 13, 2003)

Vashti Cromwell McCollum

passed away 1 year ago

Church & State: Keep Them Separate

Lisa Lopes

R.I.P. “Left Eye” – passed away 5 years ago – a member of TLC, but held her own

“check it: another day, another dolla, is the reality of my mentality, otherwise don’t even botha, you see my father was a wise old man, always creatin’ a plan, for me to conquer this land, he said I am what I am, so be the best that I can, and if them others don’t like it, then why should I give a damn (huh), maybe so cuz’ when his life wasn’t right, my mother picked up the pieces, & continued on with the fight, so now it’s plain to me, it ain’t no game to me, see mom and dad corrected math, 1 and 1 equal 3, 4 and 5 I count my sister and brother, stay alive till we die, & don’t you ever be worried, cuz’ I’m down with a ride, through peaks and valleys to Cresent Hills, tumble down I’ll set a new ground for Jack & Jill, ever wonder what put the thunder deeply in my eyes, take a look & you’ll find a sunshine”

 – from TLC’s My Life one of the tracks on their album Fan Mail