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La Roux

a really cool band I’ve been listening to lately, based in the UK, I first noticed them when I saw the singer, Elly Jackson, on the front page of The Guardian a couple summers ago in association with an article about a music festival going on at the time, & as it turns out the other main member, Ben Langmaid, is musically linked to Rollo Armstrong of Faithless, who I also love, I finally got around to buying their self-titled album, La Roux, this spring, & since then I’ve been happy to learn they won a Grammy earlier at this year’s awards ceremony for Best Electronic/Dance Album

you can check them out here:


Sita Sings The Blues

I’m auditing a Flash class this semester at SFCC, which is sorta exciting,
& it became a good reason to finally watch this entertaining 2D animation, which I’m glad I did.

This is an amazing movie made in Flash by Nina Paley, loosely retelling the Ramayana (an old Indian legend), while paralleling a modern day break-up story, & featuring the 1920s music of jazz singer Annette Hanshaw.  

The visuals are so beautiful, & Sita Sings The Blues was awarded “Best Animation” at the 2008 Santa Fe Film Festival.

You can watch it here at Reel 13. More Info About The Movie Here.

Shut Up & Sing

a semi-worthy watch

a 2006 documentary film about the music group, Dixie Chicks, & some of what they went through from late March 2003, when the lead singer, Natalie Maines, told the audience at a concert in Europe that she was ashamed the President of the U.S.A. is from Texas, on until mid-2006

I don’t really have anything against the Dixie Chicks. I have a couple of their albums from before these last few years, & I intend to buy their latest album, Taking The Long Way, sometime. I don’t really listen to a lot of “country” music. I don’t know if the Dixie Chicks are really considered, or really consider themselves, “country” music (at least, any more) but to me, that’s what country (U.S.A.) music is, & their song, Not Ready To Make Nice, is brilliant, intense, & right on.

Lisa Lopes

R.I.P. “Left Eye” – passed away 5 years ago – a member of TLC, but held her own

“check it: another day, another dolla, is the reality of my mentality, otherwise don’t even botha, you see my father was a wise old man, always creatin’ a plan, for me to conquer this land, he said I am what I am, so be the best that I can, and if them others don’t like it, then why should I give a damn (huh), maybe so cuz’ when his life wasn’t right, my mother picked up the pieces, & continued on with the fight, so now it’s plain to me, it ain’t no game to me, see mom and dad corrected math, 1 and 1 equal 3, 4 and 5 I count my sister and brother, stay alive till we die, & don’t you ever be worried, cuz’ I’m down with a ride, through peaks and valleys to Cresent Hills, tumble down I’ll set a new ground for Jack & Jill, ever wonder what put the thunder deeply in my eyes, take a look & you’ll find a sunshine”

 – from TLC’s My Life one of the tracks on their album Fan Mail