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after being a member there for over a year, holding out for any redeeming qualities that might make it worth having, I finally deleted my account, & said bye-bye badoo

this site is great for flirty chat,  photo contests, & not much else, its features are very limiting, though they seem to have recently integrated some web-cam abilities (go figure), & personally I found the overall design & formatting of their pages not very appealing either, it almost seems as if their current homepage manages to look more cheap than their former homepage, which was actually perhaps the first & last thing I liked about badoo, but now it’s gone, & now, so am I, no more weekly private messages with lame pick up lines from men I’m not interested in, which is all badoo ever offered me, in review, I’d say the site isn’t so much about connecting with people as it’s just another chat & picture based online dating site, which is fine, if that’s what you’re looking for, but I wasn’t



The Freedom From Religion Foundation, as quoted on their website, , “… with more than 13,000 members, is the largest association of freethinkers (atheists and agnostics) in the United States [of America].”

I really like the newspaper they publish, Freethought Today, which I’ve been an on & off subscriber to, when I can afford it. The website offers “Freethought Of The Day” which usually notes the birthdays of wellknown atheists, agnostics, or freethinkers with short bios and quotes.

They also have a radio talk show, conventions, student essay competitions, etc. & help fund legal battles to uphold the separation of church & state, as well as put up billboards, & go on other advertising campaigns.

Freethought Hall in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A. holds the national offices for the organization, FFRF is a non-profit tax-exempt organization.


a people networking website I’ve had an account at for a few months now, it’s sorta cool, each profile can upload photos, list interests, add schools (s)he has attended, which then links a person to other hi5 users who have added that they have attended those same schools too, there’s a journal, a scrapbook, & also an area for comments on the front page, lots of page layout designs to choose from, & quite a variety of widgets, I just use one though, supplied by, & that’s it, I don’t like pages that are gaudy, & I don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t anticipate getting any other form of communication from

I don’t spend a lot of time at hi5, but I like having a page there to represent myself to & keep in touch with those that matter to me & who also happen to be hi5 users, I see it as a quick, simple, nifty way to just touch base, or in other words, an online version of the occasional hey &/or actual high 5, especially for those contacts that one is less likely to meet on the street

“Norway-Heritage: Hands Across The Sea”

a website featuring a wealth of information about passenger lists and emigrant ships of Norwegians, a good place to research Norwegian ancestors, and find records of immigration, there is a really useful forum there, which I’ve been a member of for over a year, for discussion of your family tree, among other things, the other members can sometimes provide helpful leads in your research, and occasionally you might even run into a distant relative looking for similar information, the site also features an image gallery

The Brights

“The noun bright was initiated as a generic term that could refer to a host of independent individuals who declare “a naturalistic worldview.””

“The movement draws together people, not organizations. It is solely an Internet constituency of autonomous individuals, all of whom hold naturalistic worldviews. Its aggregate of persons has no “party line” to follow. ”

“The overall aim is civic fairness for all, which necessitates there being a place in politics and society for persons who hold a naturalistic outlook.”

I’m considering being a Bright, & registering on the site.

Couch Surfing

a worldwide traveler’s network of people taking in people, and being taken in themselves, to get more out the world, to build a better sense of community, & to save some money while traveling, a site I joined a little less than a year ago, and find to be based on really good ideas as well as a good place for such a worldwide network of travelers:

Back Up Your Birth Control Day



F.A.C.T. Net

Fight Against Coercive Tactics 

“Since 1993, Discussion, Resources, and Support for Survivor Recovery from the Abusive Practices of Religions and Cults”

Church Of Virus

“a neo-cybernetic philosophy for the 21st century”