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smashing apps  this is a really cool blog that regularly posts articles featuring neat online tools & programs you can use on your computer, phone or web &  digital work, to spiff things up, or organize your life better, & the apps are free


State Of Dress

Carolyn Count Photography

today I’m adding the website featuring the photographic work of a former SFCC classmate, Carolyn Count to my blog roll, one of her images was featured in The Santa Fe Reporter’s Annual Manual this year

Randi Hausken’s Photos

today I’m adding the flickr photostream of Randi Hausken, (a close friend of my family & I) to my blog roll, some beautiful flower, & nature in general, shots among them

blog roll addition

today I’m adding The Harrington Times to my blog roll, a blogspot blog featuring insights into the activities, happenings, & feelings that transpire in the lives of fellow couchsurfer friends Melissa & Mike

blog roll addition

today I’m adding Entertainment Government to my blog roll, featuring an alternative constitution for the U.S.A., it’s the website of a former room-mate, who’s been harshin’ my buzz at times, but is a cool guy, the webpage also has links to related endeavors of his, as well as other interests, such as his varied taste in music

edit: the website is down/ has expired

design shotgun

a very picture-intensive blog of travels across the U.S.A. this summer

Tennessee Guerilla Women 

a feminist blog I take an interest in, I might not always entirely agree with them, but I more-or-less support their main causes, & I really liked their “Truth, Liberty, Justice: Choice For Women” t-shirt, which I’ve bought & I wear

Stardust Musings And Thoughts For The Freethinker

a blog I’ve visited occassionally for some time, contains interesting posts, some of which bring up points I hadn’t considered, things I didn’t quite realized, snacks for thought, I’d say, a blog that also serves as the freethinker author’s commentary on religion, politics, etc.

Candy Blog

a blog, about candy, run by Cybele May

a neat extensive collection of reviews of several candies from around the world

Arctic DX

Arctic Radio Logs

100 Years Ago Today Blog