My Coke Rewards

the webiste where to register all those codes that come with Coca-Cola product purchases (Coca-Cola, Sprite, PowerAde, Fanta, Barq’s (Root Beer), Fresca, Vault, Minute Maid, etc.), the points can be redeemed for several rewards, prizes, as well as sweepstakes,  
I joined about 10 months ago as a member to register codes, cuz’ Coca-Cola is my soda pop of choice, each bottle cap code earns a person 3 points, and with 580 points I earned myself this little lunch bag at the end of last year


29 responses to “My Coke Rewards

  • michelle walton

    I am new at this soexplain what i,m suppose to do with my caps

  • iapetus

    save the caps, set up a member account online at with username & password, enter the codes underneath the caps (a printed series of numbers and letters) on you account at the website, and your points will be redeemed, and saved there until you spend them on a prize or sweepstake

  • Sheryl Ray

    How do i enter my codes?

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  • iapetus

    Sheryl Ray, as I explained to michelle walton (comment #1) you need to set up a (free) member account first, then you should see the “Enter Codes” option on the homepage along the red bar of options, just click on that & it will open a dialog box where you can enter your codes

  • Mrs. Andy Hahn

    I sure hope you have better luck than I did. Three days trying to get on & key in codes. I have 1300 & now it seems I am blocked from keying any more. i can’t even see what i can get for the points I have. I hope you all have better luck than me. It is deeply aggravating & frustrating…

  • iapetus

    hmmm… the website does use animated graphics that may be hard to load on some computers

  • Sheryl Ray

    How many Points do I have? What can I Buy?

  • Sheryl Ray

    Hello! What can I buy with my 12 Points?

  • Sheryl Ray

    How many times do I have to send an comments? To turn my points in to: what?

  • iapetus

    I don’t know how many points you have, I’m not affiliated with MyCokeRewards, you would have to refer to this website to ask any direct questions or give any direct comments: MyCokeRewards (click on that link)
    if 12 is the number of points you have, that’s a relatively low number, however you may be able to enter some sweepstakes with that, again, you have to refer to the website

  • Sheryl Ray

    I am so happy to get Points! If I can remember how to enter my Points!

  • Johnny Bench

    Nothing left for rewards but junk they are trying to get rid of. You cannot even get a free coke for 500 points. What a big friggen rip off.

  • iapetus

    Johnny Bench, you can get a free Coke for 24 points, that’s far less than 500

  • kb

    i have tried to get on the website and all i get is to download adobe, i have downloaded it a hundred times, and i still get the same message, what a rip off

  • PAT

    CAN’T GET ON cOKErEWARDS.COM TO ENTER MY NEW POINTS.What has happened to the web site?

  • iapetus

    I’m not sure what’s been happening, I’m still able to access the site fine myself, it could very well depend on how old your computer is or how slow the internet connection is, & PAT maybe you’re just using the wrong URL it’s, not just

  • SkunksbloodNuttSkab

    I seen dees peeps who be dispespktin my duffs yo! … She be takin my Coke poyntz yo and she buyin her new boyfwend foo a scudload of maggies off dat ish! … shud I be cawwin one a dems lawyaz numbas an shii I be seein up on dat tv oh whateva foo? … jus cawl dat lawya I be seein on da tvz an whanat cuz she gotza ehda idea from y’all webblogg and shi? Tellmez what be up in dis pizzy … Skunkbloodz nukkuz! Foeva.

    this comment has been edited by iapetus for excessive violence

  • SkunksbloodNuttSkab

    eyesa aweddy magin datbitx en shee bedwippin allsdat skunkzblood onda tip uh mi jackseed jonnsun foo! Yallz besbe weepwyin tamer oh I snag a hi n bead dadtz skunk now yalks cinkiess! Yallz allz beez wikkin my skunknutz blood of ni nudsag! Yallzbee gibbon my nukkaz away dat means juz cuzza I be notsa a gud spewea aen canz wite dat goodz up in dis bitz cuz I cand typo on mi conputerz an shi nukgas! Sox y’all bees magin fund as née I wuppin yallz azzys and gibbon u da skunkbloodz cuz I can speawlz dat yo! Skunkbloodz an beatin dem hoes foweva!

  • Sheryl Ray

    I always like coke better than any other soda Pop!

  • iapetus

    I too prefer Coca-Cola to Pepsi any day, Sheryl Ray

    SkunksbloodNuttSkab, just chill out

  • Charles

    Also check out for coke rewards – site has been giving out FREE coke rewards since 97′

  • Charles

    ROTL I meant 2007 not 97 ROTFL

  • SkunksbloodNuttSkab

    Whikiz challz bez dizwdpekkin dub skunknut? Izabeeza sati just whoboi nukaa! Skunkhwr foeva foo! Chalk betza ax tomboody I bit cho heed buka!

  • SkunksbloodNuttSkab

    Blaatgkuuf! AaaaaArgh! Rookf! Rookiooooof! BlaAAaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaah!

  • iapetus

    yeah, 2007 makes a lot more sense, Charles 🙂

  • doctor don

    Registered – maybe – and clicked on all the continue buttons. I did NOT want to have ANY ads sent to me, so all those boxes were checked NO.

    Imagine my surprise when I clicked the last continue button only to be told “Your session has expired. Please sign in again.”

    Looks like this site is set up to eliminate anyone who might be on s-l-o-w dial-up, although I am on a high-speed cable connection.

    What a pile!

  • Sheryl Ray

    Thank-you for my points! What can I get for 39 points? I don’t care what it is!

  • iapetus

    yes, doctor don, it seems a lot of peoples’ computers are poorly equipped to handle the website, unfortunately

    Sheryl Ray, you will have to refer to mycokerewards to find out what you can get for 39 points

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