Free Fax 

send a fax for free via internet up to 3 pages and up to twice a day, works with .DOC & .PDF files, just have to accept that there will be an ad on the cover page

a certain someone pointed this out to me today & I found to be quite useful info


5 responses to “Free Fax

  • Jack


    Nice information to send a fax, but there are so many sites offering free fax feature online.

    Check they also providing free fax service it doesn’t require any sign up or any other details.

    I wish this information may double your sending fax messages

  • iapetus

    Yes, there are other sites also. However, FaxZero does not require starting an account, or “sign up or any other details” as you put it, they just want name & e-mail. Thanks for providing an alternative though, if that one works well too.

  • evalentine

    A lot of providers offer online faxing service, and is one of the most reliable. Their service includes receiving faxes for free and unlimited, sending faxes very cheap and also sending SMS to any worldwide nr. is a fast, simple and cheap internet fax service.

  • Melanie Maddison

    I can’t express how much internet fax has helped my business. The price is great, it is reliable, saves a lot of time and leaves me extremely organized. I am also very conscious about the environment so I like how you save paper.

  • iapetus

    thanks for the suggestion, evalentine, and the input, Melanie M.

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