a new band amongst my favorites: http://www.flobots.com/ discovered them this summer, around Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., by now I’ve bought their album, Fight With Tools, when I think of the Amerika I believe in & love, their music has now joined in that


2 responses to “Flobots

  • WhatGives

    Not just their music, my friend. The Flobots spent the entire election campaign tirelessly working in support not only of the Democratic party, but also towards the efforts of non-partisan groups like Rock The Vote, trying to get young people out to cast a ballot. That above anything else is worthy of praise in my estimation. Check it out:

  • iapetus

    yeah, I was somewhat aware of that they were actively encouraging people to get out & vote in the U.S.A. this fall, it’s good when people put in effort to actually help create the types of changes they advocate with their words

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