Slacker Uprising

a film produced by Michael Moore, is being released now through the website: where one can buy copies of the DVD or download it for free (currently – it’s been reported that it’ll only be available like this for another two weeks (until October 14th))

the film is about Michael Moore’s tour as a speaker from college campus to college campus across the U.S.A. trying to stir up the energy to tip the scale in this country’s upcoming presidential election next month – I’m interested in watching it


One response to “Slacker Uprising

  • jauntymellifluous

    I saw this movie. I really thought it was boring. Not at all like Fahrenheit 9/11. That movie had a nice script and was planned well till the end.

    It makes sense why Michael Moore was giving out this one for free. Firstly because these were video taped speeches and snippets from the last time’s movement.

    Secondly, it would have been easier this time to simply give everybody free videos of those speeches so that they could have the same affect with less effort on his part.

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