a people networking website I’ve had an account at for a few months now, it’s sorta cool, each profile can upload photos, list interests, add schools (s)he has attended, which then links a person to other hi5 users who have added that they have attended those same schools too, there’s a journal, a scrapbook, & also an area for comments on the front page, lots of page layout designs to choose from, & quite a variety of widgets, I just use one though, supplied by rockyou.com, & that’s it, I don’t like pages that are gaudy, & I don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t anticipate getting any other form of communication from


I don’t spend a lot of time at hi5, but I like having a page there to represent myself to & keep in touch with those that matter to me & who also happen to be hi5 users, I see it as a quick, simple, nifty way to just touch base, or in other words, an online version of the occasional hey &/or actual high 5, especially for those contacts that one is less likely to meet on the street


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  • Caroline Griffin

    READ THE Hi5 PRIVACY POLICY – FULL OF HOLES. THEY TRICKED ME. Here is the message I sent to one of their VC investors, Jon Feiber at Mohr Davidow.

    Hello Mr Feiber,
    Looks like you are a board member and investor in Hi 5. You are the only person on the board or management team for whom I can find a email address. I can find no where on the Hi 5 site to enter a complaint or ask for help. Their support links lead me to Knowledgebase jail, where even the knowledgebase entries don’t contain links to the pages for requesting assistance.
    In spite of the fact that I selected not to send invitations to everyone in my gmail address book, they have done it anyway. Now, too late, I read their privacy policy. I suggest you do the same and ask yourself if you would agree to such a policy.
    Here is the message I am sending to all the people in my address book.
    An apology from me, Caroline.
    It looks like you got an invitation to join Hi-5 from me by mistake.

    I am very angry. I foolishly entered the password for my GMail account and they seem to have sent invitations in my name to my entire address book, even though I specifically selected the option not to do that.

    Jack has read their privacy policy and it is full of holes. This seems like a dishonest company.

    Sorry that you got something from them because I allowed them to mislead me.


  • iapetus

    yeah, I know the privacy of the cyber address books of its users has been debated, however, hi5 is not the only website, let alone people networking website that has such a function, to protect my own privacy, I have never agreed to give out my password to any e-mail account to a 3rd party site, in hi5’s case, I always hit the “No, thanks maybe later.” link, if that option was not there, there’s a good chance I might not have ever joined it, it is very unfortunate when private information like that is misused, & distressing to read that you had such a difficult time finding somebody behind hi5 itself to whom you could voice your concerns, though it is not uncommon to find companies/business (however you wish to refer to them) that will use underhanded practices to promote themselves

  • Teresa

    I’ve actually been thinking about getting a hi5 account… while maybe not widely used in the US apparently it’s popular elsewhere. which means it could be important. 🙂

  • iapetus

    yeah, I like having it as a way to keep in touch with those I know who also happen to use it, it’s a nice little basic online representation

  • Margaret Chesters

    Same thing has happened to me, hi5 have sent invitations to 600 people in my Google email without my permission. I had only joined a few hours earlier at the request of someone I knew. I have of course now disentangled myself and changed my password on Google Mail.
    I am sooooo furious!!!! Surely this is not legal. They state specifically that they will not contact anyone without my permission!

    Would it not be possible to sue the……..?

  • iapetus

    did all 600 people personally tell you one way or another that they had been contacted by hi5? perhaps you could take some sort of action against hi5 for that, though I don’t know how much you would get compensated for just having had your contacts sent an e-mail basically advertizing hi5

  • Lilibeth Frobayre

    Hi5 I’m a regular visitor and one of the invited guest.


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