Couch Surfing

a worldwide traveler’s network of people taking in people, and being taken in themselves, to get more out the world, to build a better sense of community, & to save some money while traveling, a site I joined a little less than a year ago, and find to be based on really good ideas as well as a good place for such a worldwide network of travelers:


4 responses to “Couch Surfing

  • Kourosh Ziabari

    Hello dear literary friend.
    I found you wrote an interesting post on Omar Khayyam, the national epic book of Iranian people.
    I really appreciate your sensitivity on cultural issues and want to invite you to take a visit of my blog at which is entirely dedicated to Persian culture, literature and arts.
    The name of my blog originates from the Yahoo mail immoral deletion of Iran’s name from its list of countries, so we programmed this blog to make the global opinion acquainted with the hidden face of ancient Persian civilization and modern day Iran lifestyle.
    Don’t hesitate to write me your ideas and views, be in touch and God bless.

  • Ionic

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Ionic!!

  • iapetus

    you mean of comment #1? I think the comment was meant to be for another post in this blog (so that’s why I provided a link over to it)

    glad you liked dropping by though, Ionic 🙂

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