Lisa Lopes

R.I.P. “Left Eye” – passed away 5 years ago – a member of TLC, but held her own

“check it: another day, another dolla, is the reality of my mentality, otherwise don’t even botha, you see my father was a wise old man, always creatin’ a plan, for me to conquer this land, he said I am what I am, so be the best that I can, and if them others don’t like it, then why should I give a damn (huh), maybe so cuz’ when his life wasn’t right, my mother picked up the pieces, & continued on with the fight, so now it’s plain to me, it ain’t no game to me, see mom and dad corrected math, 1 and 1 equal 3, 4 and 5 I count my sister and brother, stay alive till we die, & don’t you ever be worried, cuz’ I’m down with a ride, through peaks and valleys to Cresent Hills, tumble down I’ll set a new ground for Jack & Jill, ever wonder what put the thunder deeply in my eyes, take a look & you’ll find a sunshine”

 – from TLC’s My Life one of the tracks on their album Fan Mail


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