Hebrew Calendar

while the world spins on through the time line of “April” & “2007”, while it’s calculated that approximately 1/3 of this year is already in the past by those standards, the year has actually, newly, started, by the Hebrew Calendar 

on that time line, our world is spinning through “Ziv” or “Iyyar” & “5767”

although there are usually twelve months by this calendar too, they don’t completely take the same place; there are less days in a year & the year starts during spring, so it goes something like this:

  • Abib or Nisan ≈ April-ish (ca. april)
  • Ziv or Iyyar ≈ May-ish (ca. mai)
  • Sivan ≈ June-ish (ca. juni)
  • Tammuz ≈ July-ish (ca. juli)
  • Ab ≈ August-ish (ca. august)
  • Elul ≈ September-ish (ca. september)
  • Ethanium or Tishri ≈ October-ish (ca. oktober)
  • Bul or Marchewan ≈ November-ish (ca. november)
  • Chislev ≈ December-ish (ca. desember)
  • Tebeth ≈ January-ish (ca. januar)
  • Shebat ≈ February-ish (ca. februar)
  • Adar ≈ March-ish (ca. mars)

here’s a site for specific days: “Hebrew Date Converter”


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